The 3 best-selling smoking pots in your home

To all of us who like this world of shishas, we know that one of the best pleasures is to use our cachimbas for moments in which to share with our friends, whether at home, in the park or in a bar.

Smoking in hookahs is not just the pleasure of tasting incredible flavors, based on intense and fresh smokes. Smoking in water pipes has an impact on the relationship with the people we have closest toyou, and our house may be the most intimate place to invite our friends or family to a rich cachimba.

At Zulo Shishas we think that we play a very important role,especially when it comes to advising you and recommending the best products.Today, and so that you can value all this when buying your next shisha.

We leave you the 3 best-selling pots, ideal for smoking at home,whether it’s to place them in the center of a table, on the floor, or anywhere downtown and enjoy smoking in a fun meeting.

Top 3 of the best-selling chimps for those who want to smoke at home

When colleagues considered deciding which pots are ideal to use at home, and the ones that sell the most in shishas stores like ours, the truth is that it was easy to appreciate what were going to be the three chimps that we would recommend, for several reasons that make them the best choice:

If they’re the best-selling, it’s for something, isn’t it? Well, yes, it is. This happens because in terms of quality/price,the three cachimbas are affordable, economically speaking, for the vast majority of users.

They are cachimbas that stand out for their design, and the truth is that there are many people who buy them thinking not only to enjoy a quality pot, but to also serve as an object of decoration for their home, and place them in the living room of their house , sometimes in privileged places.

The three shishas are stable, and this makes them ideal for not moving them too much. It doesn’t mean you can’t take her anywhere else, but ideally we have them at home, and they don’t have too much movement.

If you are looking for a cachimba with a very good performance, any of them can be classified as one of the shishas that anyone would like to try one day.Want more reasons? Well we present the best-selling chimps to this day,and they are from the brands Khalil Mamoon, Kaya Shisha and Oduman.