DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Pc Game REVIEW The first arc lasted thirty-nine minutes, when the Dragon Ball Z anime was broadcast. If and episode is about 22 minutes (not including commercials) before Vegeta is vanquished, that’s about 14-and-a-half hours. Dragon Ball Z: Kai breaks that down to 26 minutes, reaching a viewing time of nine and a half hours.


In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you can get through this first arc in around six hours, including all the sub-stories. The year of training expended is increased, bringing you samples of Gohan’s transition and teaching Goku in the afterlife without requiring you to kill X number of monsters. As a game, Kakarot knows what you’re here for — greater than existence, fights that destroy the planet. Although combining RPG components to give you a sense of growth and progress, it provides plenty of those.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot explores the story’s four major arcs — Saiyan, Frieza, Cell, and Buu — but succeeds in leaving out even more of Kai’s fluff. You still get all the main story beats as a result, but you don’t need to experience fights that take multiple episodes to finish either. Then you defend yourself in the fights.

Battles are close in Dragon Ball Xenoverse but a little simpler. The program demands that you continue with simple Ki strikes and punches. And, when the opportunity comes up, you unleash strong abilities.

ocean of game

They are actually quite easy while the fights sound epic. You get in there, land a combination of basics and follow up with a special strike. You may need to use a healing element occasionally, but you can finish most fights without issue. The battles can make you feel like you’re an incredibly strong Z warrior, but they’re missing excitement at times in ocean of game.

The game gives bosses counterattacks and sometimes armor to avoid you performing combos so quickly. It doesn’t feel great when you start landing a close-combat combo just for an enemy to stop being stunned and start a counterattack from nowhere — especially when you launch the attacks so far away you’ve got to spend 10 seconds or so getting back into the fray.